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LVC Ice-cream -Tafach House


Langano Vacation Club’s ice cream house provides fresh homemade ice cream for both adults and children with different flavours such as Strawberry, Mint Chocolate Chip, Chocolate, Vanilla, and Cookie Swirl just to name a few. Our homemade ice cream is blended fresh every single day. LVC Ice Cream is made locally with the freshest ingredients and a commitment to make your stay cool and relaxed.


Popular with children, our team at LVC offers you a remarkable ice cream birthday party for your children. The team helps you host the party, entertain the kids, and provide activities designed to delight the birthday girl or boy. If you are relaxing by the beachside what can be more cooling and refreshing than a nice ice cream…So why not ask one of our team members to bring you the flavour of your desire.





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