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International Scope



Since its commencement in September 1st 2004 in Addis Ababa, Africa Vacation Club Ethiopia (AVCE) Plc. has established a name associated with quality accommodation, service and vacation ownership in Ethiopia providing luxury time share holiday opportunities to some of the most beautiful and breathtaking destination around the world. Presently, the club has close to 2000 paid members investing in a timeshare  plan that allow them to plan their dream vacation every year to visit different locations.


Members of AVCE have the flexibility of usage, exchange and rental of their timeshare property with others AVC and RCI members with 3900 resorts in 95 countries.


So why not register[x1]  now to receive more information about AVCE and start a luxury life style with a lifetime of vacation possibilities at most of top resorts located in most beautiful destination, including its Luxury Five Star vacation club - Langano Vacation Club (LVC), situated at the heart of Ethiopia’s Rift Valley.

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