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Got a Special Event?


We’ve got a special Langano Venue.


Located at the heart of the Rift Valley, Langano Vacation Club Ethiopia (LVCE) offers a unique multi-functional event spaces.


With in house catering menus and an experienced team of creative event managers, LVCE is a unique venue perfect for weddings, private parties, exhibitions, fashion shows, conferences, corporate events and more.


Corporate Events


Just because you’re planning a corporate event, doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Bring us your event needs and we’ll make sure your conference, corporate meeting, brainstorming session or staff retreat is something unique, professional and creatively inspired.


Wedding and Private Parties


From birthday parties to engagement photo shoots and full weddings as well as concerts, LVC is one of Ethiopia’s favorite unique wedding, honeymoon and private party venue. Hosting Miss Ethiopia Contest and the First Helicopter Wedding in Ethiopia with a beach front can light dinner and celebration are some of the events we have hosted in recent years. With a professional team of event coordinators and large multifunctional event spaces, our inspired, Luxury Resort is the perfect place to celebrate for your perfect day.


In House Catering


Offering catering menus that reflect local, international and seasonal foods at their most delicious, our team will craft the perfect menu to suit your event. From elegant plated meals, to buffets party platters and cocktail receptions with specialty cocktails, our mandate is to facilitate your ideas and budget.


Our Catering Team can provide refreshments and meal selections. With diverse menus that can accommodate everything from a simple coffee station to a full service lunch or dinner, we can help you plan a menu that will be sure to impress.


Specialty cocktails, beers and wines can be tailored to your style and budget. Vegetarian options are available on both restaurant and catering menus

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