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The exploration continued in the night sitting by the beach and counting the stars that were ever so clear. The staffs would make all the necessary arrangement to put up a bon-fire for you and your family on the beach and standby keeping the fire alive and serving you drinks


Horse Riding


First time and experienced riders alike will enjoy the picturesque guided trail rides by the lakeside and beyond. Breathtaking views and cool breezes combined with a beautiful sunset and the sights and sounds of nature greet you on every ride.


Luxury Spa


For new luxury indulgences and unique experiences, LVC SPA has become a huge if not one the major consideration when choosing a lavish escape. With this in mind we have gathered SPAS at LVC giving sophisticated spa seekers with a wealth of choice.


Water Sports


For those of you who like water sports activities we’ve got Jet Ski, banana boats, for those of you who are not that energetic lie down on the beach, get your feet covered with the sand relax and watch life go by on this beautiful lake.




Africa Vacation Club Ethiopia has many beach side activities such as playing Table Tennis/Ping-Pong, Table Football/Soccer, and Beach Volleyball with friends and other guests. You can also join Aerobics Classes while enjoying the freash air and view of Lake Langano.




Spend the day, swimming, relaxing, boating and "getting away from it all" on our sandy beach, and then enjoy our specialties without having to leave the resort. Relish the fun, good times, the great food and cool drinks served as and when you need one.


Nearby Activities


Because of Langano Vacation Club’s strategic location, you also have the opportunity of visiting other lakes and parks nearby. As an alternative you could even dine in the cities of Awassa or Ziway a few kilometres from here.


Kids Club


That’s where you can leave the little ones in the morning, they’ll be looked after, and they’ll be entertained, even fed lunch leaving you free to do what normally happily married couples do when they are on holiday, go shopping!


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